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Just try and remember that it ends up becoming habit after 21 days so just try & challenge yourself & you’ll feel it getting easier! X

Finally caught up on questions guys. I’m sorry I’ve been a v shit tumblr as of recent! I’ve just been going through a lot & haven’t really had the time or energy! Xx

I can honestly say I haven’t so I’m really sorry that I can’t help with that :( x

I would maybe do a mix of strength & cardio! The gym classes I done were things like body combat, body attack, metafit, spin etc! I loved them all! Xx

Aww thank you so much :) I know I’m sorry I haven’t been active at all recently I’ve been going through quite a lot & just haven’t really had the time! Hope you’re staying on track though xx

Aww please don’t say that! It’s got you through a lot & you’re gonna have it for the rest of your life! X

No problem :)! X

I give in to them but only in small portions! I find I end up eating worse if I ignore them x

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